proteus.jpgProteus, (available now as a Beta) by Ed Key and David Kanaga, has won the award for The Most Amazing Indie Game at the 2012 A MAZE. Indie Connect Festival.

The international jury - Zuraida Buter, Thierry Platon, Marek Plichta and Chris Adkins - ultimately chose it over Where Is My Heart?, after deliberating among 10 nominees from 100 entries. As winner, Proteus earns a Little Indie distribution deal and 5000 Euro.

A MAZE. met its 2500 Euro funding goal for the prize thanks in large part to Andreas Illiger, who in 2011 achieved much success with his indie game, Tiny Wings.

Thorsten S. Wiedemann, director of Indie Connect, seemed overall pleased with the event and is excited for next year's. "We achieved our objective bringing together the protagonists of European indie gaming: Let's play again at the second edition of the International A MAZE. Indie Connect in 2013!"