becausewemay.png2D Boy's Ron Carmel's indie sale initiative, Because We May, is live from today, May 24, through June 1. Developers who have the freedom to change their prices liberally on various platforms have done so because they may for direct download and on The App Store, Google Play, Steam, and other stores.

The Because We May Sale sees developers actually increasing and decreasing their prices. Michael Brough's Vertex Dispenser is raised to $15.01 (Bough says the .01 "is meant to poke fun at all the prices that end in .99") and SOS's Super Office Stress went from a 1-6$ dice roll pricing scheme to being $99.99 for the duration of the sale.

So far, three games in the other section, two in the Android section, and 19 in the iOS section were discounted to free.

Hopefully, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo will get the memo so I can also include the console category if this sale happens again.