hubol.png If there was ever a game that could be accused of dishing out maximum sensory overload, it would have to be Live Forever.

As you begin your game, you are hatched from an egg and told your sex and sexuality. The main objective is to prolong your life, however highscores are also recorded for other achievements such as the amount of friends you make or the amount of sounds you hear, which may require you to take a different approach. A variety of objects appear as you hover on screen, ranging from coins, botox needles, cakes, drugs and diet pills. It is up to you to figure out what to avoid and what to collect, since each object has a positive or negative effect on your lifespan.

Live Forever has a b-game style all of its own, from the strange sounds to the lovingly drawn sprites and backgrounds. As a word of warning, it contains adult themes.

Try to have some patience for the lengthy loading time. You can play the game here.