ninja the explorer.png Ninja the Explorer sees you playing the role of a ninja on a mysterious island, out to slay a god. To reach your ultimate foe, you must navigate to the north-west corner of the island. There are multiple routes to be taken with an option to exit each screen to the north or west, provided you are not on the edge of the map. You cannot backtrack to the south or east.

Each screen provides various hazards, ranging from robots that will move from wall to wall if you walk in front of them to birds and other ninjas that will seek you out if they get close enough. Press C to interact, use your sword at close range or hold it down to charge up and perform a dash attack. For an extra challenge, you can also attempt to collect as many coins as possible.

Ninja the Explorer is firmly rooted in eras past, where backstories were lovingly hokey, game rules weren't required to make much sense and you were always curious to know what was on the next screen. Play it here.