Nekogames' Parameters is all about stat ("parameter") building, with simple controls and addictive (in a Farmville kind of way) gameplay. Players clear areas by clicking on them, dragging the mouse to pick up the experience and money dropped. The yellow areas represent battles, which can be quite tough without the right parameters. Clearing rooms affords experience points that can be distributed to recovery (of life and action parameters), attack, and defense parameters.

I admit I missed this one last month, but it's well worth mentioning. Nekogames' Parameters can be played now in English or Japanese. It took me 40 minutes to get everything but one darn block in the upper right area, and Ishii tweeted it took less than 5 minutes to clear the game. While I imagine you can beat my time, be sure to share if you beat the developer's time.

[ Thanks, Marcus Richert! ]