star drill.png In Star Drill, you must collect as many diamonds as possible by drilling down into planets. Projectiles explode chunks and streams of lava out of the planets from the left and right, so it is important to avoid this. It only takes one hit to die. Red bombs can be deadly if you are sitting close to one and a projectile happens to explode nearby.

However, bombs can also used to your advantage if you come across a planet with a load of diamonds in its core and have the bravery to place a bomb near the central lava stream of the planet and wait for the projectiles to drain the core. Bear in mind that if you are sitting too low, you will have to exit the planet and fly back around and drill through the top of the planet again. This is no easy task and not necessarily worth the payoff. Some may find that flying from screen to screen, before it becomes chaotic, an easier method to obtain a large number of diamonds.

There are some limitations to the game rules that you should be aware of. You can only drill down when entering a planet's surface. Attempting to fly into a planet sideways will end in death. Once you are drilling within a planet, you can only drill down and sideways. Flying in space lasts for a limited amount of time, before you start to fall.

The original Ludum Dare 23 version can be played here. The recommended post-compo version can be played here.