sanctum_dpsmaster.jpg Swedish-based Coffee Stain Studios' first-person shooter/tower defense game Sanctum is a familiar favorite in these here parts. While it began on a slightly shaky note, the game has enjoyed considerable improvement since it was first released. I don't play it all that much anymore but you can still catch me pitching in an hour or so every now and then.

Anyway, before I derail myself, here's the deal. It looks like the chaps over at Coffee Stain Studios have recently added a medal system on top of a brand new DLC, one that had been produced in co-operation with the dubiously good folk at Yogscast. If that wasn't enough, they also have a Free-To-Play weekend coming up and a 75% sales on, well, everything. Yeah. If you haven't checked out Sanctum before, now's a pretty good time to remedy that oversight.

Check them out over here.