OFF2.pngMaking its rounds today on the Internet is an English translation of an RPG Maker 2003-built, French Windows game: OFF. OFF is often lauded by French gamers "for its strong story, great characters and incredible atmosphere," reports the translation source.

Players assume the role of the Batter character who must purify 4 zones of specters. While tasks to advance are not always evident in OFF, players are aided by a creepily purring cat and by talking to zone-folk. I have never been a fan of random, turn-based battles, but at least the game offers an "auto" option to do the fighting. If only it had a fast-forward option, as well...

Along with bunches of battles and large areas to explore, OFF offers several thoughtful puzzles to keep the brain engaged. After unzipping the game, make sure you install all the English font files that are in the base directory for easy viewing.

[ Source: Free Indie Games ]