gdcvault.jpgGDC Vault just added the Indie Soapbox (rant) session from GDC 2012 for free along with other quality lectures.

The soapbox session features developers like Polytron's Phil Fish (Fez), Team Colorblind's Ben Ruiz, and Lazy 8's Rob Jagnow (Cogs). Gamasutra's Leigh Alexander gave a great play-by-play write up right after the lecture, but seeing these indies in action is almost as entertaining as playing their games.

GDC Vault continues to add free and paid lectures from its past conventions, too. Those who purchased an All-Access GDC 2012 pass have a year to sift through all the videos on Vault. However, there are dozens of free lectures for everyone dating back to 1996, including a fireside chat with Notch, Jonathan Blow on indie prototyping, and Darren Korb on creating the audio for Bastion.

If you've been regularly following the additions of GDC Vault, you can hear about just the newest lectures added here. Individual subscriptions and group subscriptions (students or dev studios) to the Vault can be purchased, too (details here).