Be Mine bundle organizer Groupees has kicked off its new Build A Bundle campaign, offering buyers their pick among 12 included games for one pay-what-you-want price (minimums apply).

Build A Bundle features Elecorn's third-person action title Caster, Grendel Games' puzzle-platformer Diamond Dan, Burut CT's World War II FPS Ubersoldier 2, Eclipse Games' action title Lightfish, 1C's World War I FPS Necrovision, and Darkling Rooms' first-person adventure game Dark Fall: Lost Souls.

Returning from previous Be Mine bundles are Nikopol: Secrets of the Immortals, Sideway: New York, The Ball, Post Apocalyptic Mayhem, Xotic, and BEEP, all of which are available as optional purchases.

Twenty percent of bundle proceeds will be donated to Polar Bears International, a group dedicated to the worldwide conservation of the endangered polar bear and its habitat.