digital love story.pngIf you haven't played Christine Love's Digital: A Love Story, know that you have missed one of the finest indie offerings ever; the rest of you might instead find it handy to know that said masterpiece has been created with the excellent Ren'Py, as are Digital's commercial sequel and over 300 other games.

Most of these games are visual novels, narrative-driven RPGs, life-sims and heavily illustrated interactive stories, as Ren'Py is a powerful visual novel engine, that is open source, free to download and free to use for both commercial and non-commercial games.

The tool is rather easy to get to grips with and lets you seamlessly combine text, menus, sounds and graphics to create your games via a simple scripting language. What's more, those among you with Python skills can use Python to script way more complex, err, scripts that can allow for a variety of sophisticated game mechanics, AIs, interactions and, apparently, simulations.

Teaching yourself Ren'Py shouldn't take more than a day. Just as I would easily recommend Inform 7 to a writer, I wouldn't hesitate recommending Ren'Py to any visual artists that would be interested in creating games.

Ren'Py supports Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Android.