myth4.png In the beginning, Mythaumatology was supposed to be part of the AGS Bake Sale. However, it soon became a little bit too big and a little bit too graphic-intensive to fit into whatever constraints that had been imposed. As such, it eventually fell on the wayside. Fortunately for fans of the genre, it looks like the developer Ghost has decided to rekindle the flames yet again.

A quick recap for those who might not have heard of the game before. Mythaumatology is the tale of a little, purple-skined girl who awakes with neither her memory nor her clothes. Set within the gaslight fantasy world of Saga, a realm occupied by human beings who have made magic into a simple tool, Mythaumatology will have you ... actually, I'm not sure where this is headed at all. Either way, this looks to be an interesting endeavor to follow.

There are more screenshots after the cut. Be forewarned, there will also be pixelated nude bodies. You can find the AGS thread here. myth2.png


myth5.png myth1.png