iOS and Android hit Hard Lines developer Nicoll Hunt takes on the beat 'em up genre with FIST OF AWESOME, coming to iOS this winter. The game involves a lumber jack caught up in a needlessly complex interstellar plot to take over Earth, altering history with remote controlled animals (hence the contraption on the bear's head). Hunt says the game takes place over a number of time periods and features original 2D art and animation. Pinapple Smash Crew audio composer Brendan Ratliff is working on the OST, as well.

Teaser trailers can be entertaining, but I wanted Hunt to go the extra mile/kilometer and explain a little more about his upcoming game. Hunt revealed FIST OF AWESOME is single-player for now, "but if it takes off after release I'll certainly consider adding a multiplayer element."

I typically don't support or care for deer- or any other animal-hunting games (ok, Ape Escape was an exception). However, I can support hand-to-hoof combat. Hunt verified that there are no plans to have any guns in FIST OF AWESOME, and any hand-to-hand weapons will be available to the player and enemies. "I should stress the real bad guys are aliens and the animals you see in the trailer are just their unfortunate pawns. Although the bears were already pretty grumpy before any aliens got involved."

Hunt mentioned in his press release that he was developing a beat 'em up with updated mechanics, making an experience similar to Double Dragon, Streets of Rage or Final Fight for a modern audience. While not touching too heavily on the mechanics themselves, Hunt shared what he believes is an innovative control scheme. "The game uses an auto-centering joystick for movement and gestures for attacks. E.g. tap to punch, swipe left to kick, swipe up to jump. It's a really natural way to play and I'm a bit surprised that no one has tried it before. It leads to some nice combo actions, like swiping up to jump then quickly tapping to do a flying kick."

As of this writing, Hunt is accepting suggestions for his star character over Twitter. "Jack Lumber" is already the star and name of Owlchemy Lab's upcoming , intelligent Fruit-Ninja-like.

Finally, Hunt explained the importance of keeping FIST a singular noun. "It's part of the storyline, a lot of which is only hinted at in the teaser. The aliens aren't all bad, in fact one is very good. His first name begins with 'F' and he coincidentally comes from a planet that begins with 'A'..."