pizzanostrascreen1.png Diablo 3 too much for you? Need a retro-infused change to your day? If so, well, you're still going to have to wait for a bit. iPizza Nostra! is currently still a work in progress. Set in Chicago during the Great Depression, iPizza Nostra! will eventually have players taking on the role of one Joe Matone. Driven to a life of crime by his lack of income, Matone soon finds himself on a search for a cop's missing daughter. Judging from the screenshots (and the sparse description), it looks like players will eventually find themselves facing hard decisions and hardened criminals.

Those curious about the progress of the game can check out the forum thread here.

More screenshots below the cut. pizzanostrascreen2.png pizzanostrascreen3 (1).png pizzanostrascreen4.png pizzanostrascreen6.png