Kingdom of Loathing developer Asymmetric has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its online competitive RPG Word Realms.

Described as "like a fisticuffs Scrabble, without a board," Word Realms is a vocabulary puzzler in which players attack opponents by building words from a series of letter tiles. The game will feature a similar style of humor as Kingdom of Loathing, and will include music from Gaby Alter (aka Gminor7 from MC Frontalot's band).

Backers who pledge $11 or more will receive a DRM-free copy of the game upon its launch for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Other pledge rewards include t-shirts ($110), soundtrack CDs ($230), and personalized in-game NPCs (starting at $370). Recognizing its audience of hardcore KoL fans, Asymmetric also offers an exclusive Kingdom of Loathing in-game item for a $37 pledge.