pickpocket junction.pngAs if E3 wasn't busy and touristy enough, now indies are training everyone on the science of pickpocketing, courtesy of IndieCade at E3 this year. Thanks to the Entertainment Software Association, PlayStation, and specifically Santa Monica Studios, twenty indie games will be available at IndieCade's booth next week.

What would IndieCade at E3 be without physical games? The pictured Pickpocket Junction engages players' memory, math, and role-playing skills, as they take turns stealing treasures from each other. I've followed up with IndieCade to see if trench coats will be provided (Cassandra needs to know what to pack).

Highlighting two other promising entries, Messhof Games returns to IndieCade at E3 with Tickleplane, which teaches the principles of typing and good posture while encouraging you to "[t]ickle the keyboard to fly your plane and hit space to shoot your friends." Steve Swink's GDC 2012 Experimental Gameplay Workshop title I have been pining to play, Scale, will show off its first person gameplay that explores a world in which you can freely change the scale of objects.

IndieCade at E3 sounds to have so many awesome titles. Here are all the games conference-goers will be able to play:

Analogue: A Hate Story by Christine Love
Binding of Isaac by Edmund McMillen
Languish by Erik Loyer
Coalesce by Jeremy Gibson
Dark Dot by MIT GAMBIT Game Lab
The Fourth Wall by DigiPen Institute of Technology
Dawn of Cimmeria by Cimmerian Entertainment
Hokra by Ramiro Corbetta
Johann Sebastian Joust! by Die Gute Fabrik
Languish by Erik Loyer
Moonlighters by Rad Dragon
A Mother's Inferno by The National Academy of Digital Interactive Entertainment (DADIU)
Pickpocket Junction by Wise Guys Events
Prom Week by Expressive Intelligence Studio
Scale by Enemy Airship
Songlines by Samantha Vick
Spelltower by stfj
Tickleplane by Messhof Games
A Valley Without Wind by Arcen Games
Who Took The Apple by KnapNok Games
Zombie Pox by Tiltfactor Laboratory