Adam Parrish's pay-what-you-want (PWYW) Lexcavator is a new word/arcade game for Mac, Windows, and Linux that combines elements of Mr. Driller with word building ala SpellTower and other Boggle-likes.

Players must advance the (@) character deeper into a well of letters by clearing words from the board. Parrish says that "the letter generation algorithm has been tweaked to ensure that the board is always filled with meaty, lengthy words. The goal was to make a faster-paced, more tactical word game that doesn't depend on your having memorized all of the three-letter Scrabble words."

Lexcavator offers three modes of play: arcade, time trial, and quest mode. The quests and power-ups added a fun flavor to what I already expected from the game. I chuckled at "lexcellence," the option that shows the best words I made. Lastly, Parrish's soundtrack is also quite enjoyable, albeit small, with chiptune yumminess.

Lexcavator is currently trying out a true PWYW scheme, meaning you can download it for free or name your price.