Ludum Dare 23 winner.pngWith over 1,400 entries highlighting its ten-year anniversary, the winner really seems to be Ludum Dare: its event, its organizers, its jammers, and those who played and rated its games. And yet, after 3 weeks of judging, the community has chosen its winners.

The crowns go to Inside My Radio by Turbo Dindon and Fracuum by Tyler Glaiel, for winning the top jam and top overall game spots, respectively. IndieGames lists here the top 10 overall games, the top 10 jam games, and the top games by category of both.

Top 10 Overall:
Fracuum - Tyler Glaiel
Memento XII - deep night
Super Strict Farmer - Benjamin
Soul Searchin' - Maxim Schoemaker
Lonely Hated Rock - Xion
This Precious Land - Ishisoft
Planet 161 - saint11
Astro Break - hulahulahest
Recluse - chambers
Pocket Planet - Molten Mustafa

Top 10 Jam Games:
Inside My Radio - Turbo Dindon
Going Rogue - Frankie Smile Show
Tiny Shards - Gabriel
Greed Wars - Ignatus Zuk
Boxed in. - PIXEL^3
Stranded - Evil Cult
Rambros - Black Ships Fill the Sky
subAtomic - MurrayL
Dude, where's my planet - Zamando
Tiny Timmy and Big Bill - 4urentertainment

Top Compo Games, by Category:
Innovation: Recluse - chambers
Fun: Astro Break - hulahulahest, Pocket Planet - MoltenMustafa, Ra Ra - YMM
Theme: It's a tab - brackcurly
Mood, Graphics: Memento XII - deep night
Audio: ZUNZANDA - Sonny Bone
Humor: BEEFWAR - crackerblocks

Top Jam Games, by Category:
Innovation: Tiny Timmy and Big Bill - 4urentertainment
Fun: Rambros - Black Ships Fill the Sky
Theme: Pivotation - KingKay
Graphics: Exposed - 01101101
Audio: Inside My Radio - TurboDindon
Humor: subAtomic - MurrayL
Mood: There is a Picture - MortisGhost

Congratulations again, everyone! Quick post-mortem for us bloggers: we found a good deal of the Top Overall games, but we have some work to do with finding the jam gems next time.

Developers, how did your game do? What lessons did you learn from this event? Judges, how did your picks do?