"So I played a pony-themed bullet hell shmup. It was bad. It was terribad. It was so bad it offended me," notes developer Giest118. "So I figured: 'While any pony game I make would LOOK like ass, it'd as least PLAY better than this.'"

This line of reasoning inspired the creation of My Little Pegasus: Kizuna DoPonyPachi, a free vertically scrolling shoot-'em-up for Windows platforms.

Kizuna DoPonyPachi features a scoring system modeled after Cave's arcade shoot-'em-up Ketsui. In brief: kill an enemy in close proximity and it'll drop high-value scoring items, and subsequent chained kills score big points. It's a deep system that rewards skilled play, and though Kizuna DoPonyPachi isn't the best-looking game in the world, its gameplay is definitely built on a solid foundation.

[via Shmups]