Rob Lach's recently released POP - Methodology Experiment One is a collection of seven mini-games developed by Lach first "approaching the music and running with the first game concept that happened to emerge during that creative process."

POP:ME1 is at times purposefully frustrating. However, the mini-games are glued together with bizarre cut-scenes that somewhat alleviated my frustration. I spoke with Lach about his choice to leave me guessing at excelling in some of the challenges.

"I didn't want to round too many edges. I recognize a lot of the faults but I didn't want to stray away from my original experimental intentions by changing the game designs I imagined during the music creation process. Restricting myself to that was the most difficult aspect of making this game, if I'm honest."

IndieGames previously chatted with Lach late last year. It's great to see he stuck it out and completed his IGF Nuovo Award "honorable mention" project.

POP:ME1 is available now for PC and Mac and supports keyboard and mouse or gamepad input. POP:ME1 currently has an interesting, pay-what-you-want scheme, too. For those that pay over $250, you get all of Lach's games until either of you die. Lach is a bright and young lad, so it seems like a sound investment! Others interested can get the game for $1 or more.