Galcon developer Phil Hassey has released his top-down, action adventure Dynamite Jack on his store DRM-Free for Windows, Mac, and Linux and on Steam.

I generally had fun sneaking around and blowing up living and nonliving things with planted bombs, feeling like I was playing a more exploratory, multi-tasked Bomberman. In an effort to get the fastest time and collect all the crystal shards on the same run, I am glad each shard reduced the time by 2 seconds.

The enemies moved while I checked my map for collectibles, which added a sense of urgency. However, seeing the enemies move made me want to move with the map open, too. When the enemy spotted and shot me, I couldn't help but smile and imagine a militant Hassey making all the sound effects, even if he didn't. Now you will have that image to carry you through your Friday, too!

Dynamite Jack's stages have multiple challenges, requiring replays. Along with completing the 28 main levels, players can compete on speedrun leaderboards, create levels, and play the community-shared levels, which can be sorted by popularity (there were 12 total as of this writing).

You can get your Jack on by purchasing the game through the Humble Store for $4.99 for cross-platform versions and a Steam key or get it on sale on Steam for $3.99.