The End of Us and ...But That Was [Yesterday] developer Michael Molinari is in the fourth and final quarter of development for his IndieCade 2011 finalist title BasketBelle. In his 2D experimental basketball puzzle platformer, the player explores the land and sky of Paris to save sibling Belle.

Recalling my time with what I played at GDC, the music also was connected to the gameplay. Molinari said it is reactive, "so as you play, instruments are added and taken away. For example, dribbling is automatic and is synced to the bass drum, so when you shoot, the bass drops out and you're left with just the highs until the ball lands again."

BasketBelle will release as a standalone on Windows and Mac. Linux users must settle for a .SWF+.HTML build, given the game was built on Flash. BasketBelle will also release with extras, including the soundtrack, concept art with liner notes, and some sort of documentary about its creation.

When I asked if the character would get to slam dunk on the Eiffel Tower, Molinari replied, "There's a good chance you won't be disappointed!" Molinari told me he's releasing the game tentatively at the beginning of July and is thinking about submitting to Steam. So, be sure to sound off in the comments below if you want this game on any online platform, as consumer interest helps with submissions.