avww_new_graphics.pngI seem to be one of the few gamers that are perfectly happy with AVWW's graphics. They are, after all, decidedly odd, and I certainly have a thing for odd. Then again, it has also come to both my and the developer's attention that many actively dislike the way the game looks and, in a unprecedented move, Arcen Games has apparently decided to drastically revamp the game's visual style.

They are actively looking for one or more artists to work on the game's new visuals and maybe even turn it into a pixel-art masterpiece. Interested parties should contact Arcen's Chris Park at the email found at the previous link. The rest of us can discuss said news in the comments section. Please stay civil!

[UPDATE]: Arcen Games got in touch and provided us with the following most intriguing bit of info:

"We've contracted three different art studios to do prototypes of what the game would look like with a re-skin. We're then going to select one and go to kickstarter at that point. It's a way for us to really see whether or not the people who say they like the concept but cry foul on the art want to back up the claims. If enough people are being held back from playing the game due to the art that the Kickstarter succeeds that's a clear indication to us that the immense change is necessary".

You can find out more here and here.