This week on "Best Of Indie Games," we take a look at some of the top independent PC Flash/downloadable titles released over this last week.

The delights in this edition include a new browser game by The Stanley Parable's creator Davey Wredon, an interactive fiction for iOS devices, another noteworthy selection from the latest Ludum Dare competition, plus a handful of picks from Indie Royale's Graduation Bundle.

Here's some recent highlights from

Game Pick: 'Wrath of the Lamb' (Edmund McMillen and Florian Himsl, commercial indie)
"Edmund McMillen's popular action-roguelike The Binding of Isaac gets a bushel of new content this week with the release of the anticipated Wrath of the Lamb expansion pack, available via Steam."

Game Pick: 'MiG Madness' (Bionic Shark Studios, commercial indie)
"MiG Madness keeps its objectives simple: players must shoot down squadrons of enemy planes and collect power-ups throughout dozens of waves of increasing difficulty."

Game Pick: 'Life in the West' (Davey Wredon, browser)
"The Stanley Parable's creator Davey Wredon is back with a new game entitled Life in the West. In this 5-minute experience, you'll get the chance to man Kanye West's twitter account and watch as he slowly goes insane."

Game Pick: 'The Dreamhold' (Andrew Plotkin, freeware)
"The Dreamhold, though primarily designed as an interactive fiction tutorial, is a full length adventure with numerous side-quests, unique puzzles and an expert mode that will appeal to the veterans of the genre."

Game Pick: 'The FP' (Drafthouse Films, commercial indie)
"The FP is a post-apocalyptic tale in which gang members battle for control of the Frasier Park wasteland by competing in Beat-Beat Revelation, a fictional knockoff of Konami's rhythm game Dance Dance Revolution."

Game Pick: 'subAtomic' (Murray Lewis & David Blake, freeware)
"subAtomic happens to be a short game with simple puzzles, simple sounds and simple graphics that emphatically showcases just how funny, refreshing and elegant such an unassuming offering can be."

Game Pick: 'Dead Pixels' (CSR-Studios, commercial indie)
"Dead Pixels is neat little game where the wit extends far beyond the very clever name. The game itself claims to be 'an 8-bit zombie sim', but in reality it's far closer to a mash-up of Left 4 Dead and River City Ransom."

Game Pick: 'Happy Jets of Water' (Zsolt Bartok, freeware)
"In Happy Jets of Water players have to complete 25 water-gunning challenges, which often involves tweaking the game's variables in the Building a Battle mode, to unlock new features including arenas, weapons, game modes."

Game Pick: 'Love Me Not' (Uncade, commercial indie)
"Inspired by the childhood petal-picking game 'he (or she) loves me / loves me not,' Love Me Not challenges players to fend off waves of lovelorn attackers by flinging flower petals."