This week on "Best Of Indie Games," we take a look at some of the top independent PC Flash/downloadable titles released over this last week.

The delights in this edition include a pair of arcade shooters to tests your skills and reflexes with, an old school beat 'em up of sorts for the iOS, the latest offering from Tiny Tower creators Nimblebit, plus an abstract puzzle-platformer that's been called the Portal 2 of the indie world.

Here's some recent highlights from

Game Pick: 'Super Counterfeit Gaiden' (01010111, browser)
"Created for the 7DFPS game jam Super Counterfeit Gaiden is a simple shooting gallery offering with wonderfully pixelated graphics, a gloriously silly title and some fun and straightforward mechanics."

Game Pick: 'Wages of Darkness' (Baron, freeware)
"Set within the innards of a top secret military facility, Wages of Darkness will have you stepping into the shoes of a soldier named Marina. Determined to get to the 'Shelter' before Protocol 13 is evoked, Marina will discover a variety of unpleasant things along the way."

Game Pick: 'Scylla Starfighter' (Josepho, browser)
"Scylla Starfighter is a simple yet taxing shmup that only lets you move right or left and shoot, while traveling on a pre-set path through 3D cel-shaded environments and being exposed to a most enjoyable story."

Game Pick: 'Tone Sphere' (Bit192 Labs, commercial indie)
"Tone Sphere's core gameplay recalls titles like Elite Beat Agents and Technic Beat, where players tap a series of on-screen cues to the beat of a background music track."

Game Pick: 'Plith' (Ya2, commercial indie)
"Featuring more than 100 levels, Plith challenges players to construct a series of gears in order to transfer rotation to each level's target gear. New gameplay elements are introduced frequently, and later levels offer new challenges like disappearing pegs and gear-blocking obstacles."

Game Pick: 'Pocket Planes' (Nimblebit, commercial indie)
"Nimblebit's latest offering on the App Store will have you building and customizing a stable of planes, moving passengers and cargo from one airport to another and more."

Game Pick: 'Split Fighters' (Pierrec, freeware)
"In Split Fighters players control Severine from Never Alone Hotline on a quest to resolve life after a serious break-up. Severine can point and click her way through several fights or attempt to smooth things over with correctly chosen phrases."

Game Pick: 'Mouse Maze: Speed Run' (Menashe, browser)
"First-time developer Menashe presents a solid take on an underexplored genre with Mouse Maze: Speed Run, a free Flash maze game that has a surprising amount of variety in its level layouts."

Game Pick: 'Washington's Wig' (Team2Bit, commercial indie)
"Washington's Wig, created by Fist Puncher developer Team2Bit, is an autoscrolling platformer in which the patriotic canine Dogsworth McFreedom attempts to return George Washington's lost wig during his famed crossing of the Delaware River. It's good stuff."

Game Pick: 'KokohGear: Meal' (Samer Khatib, browser)
"KokohGear: Meal is a simple 3D action game in which players search for food in preparation for the winter months. Though it starts a little slow, later levels introduce vehicles, and the challenges become more complex."

Game Pick: 'Unstoppable Fist' (Ragtag Studio, commercial indie)
"An old school beat 'em up of sorts for the iOS, this modestly priced title will have you commanding a rather burly-looking, mullet-headed dude in a Miami Vice-like outfit, taking on zombie chicken and zombie fishes."

Game Pick: 'Ether Vapor' (Edelweiss, commercial indie)
"Ether Vapor: Remaster is a '2.75D arcade shooter' that mixes gameplay elements from classic horizontally and vertically scrolling shooters."

Game Pick: 'Thomas Was Alone' (Mike Bithell, commercial indie)
"Thomas Was Alone is a game about friendship and puzzles that comes complete with a hundred levels and an eclectic selection of playable characters."