scylla.pngTruth be said, I hadn't played anything reminiscent of Space Invaders and/or Galaxian for quite some time and Scylla Starfighter was a welcome change of pace. It is a simple yet taxing shmup that only lets you move right or left and shoot, while traveling on a pre-set path through 3D cel-shaded environments and being exposed to a most enjoyable story.

Now, I wouldn't expect a storytelling masterpiece if I were you, but Scylla Starfighter's plot is a playful b-movieish affair that is successfully delivered via short in-game video communications and has the protagonist battling some sort of space-faring religious zealots. It is, in a nutshell, a perfect fit for a game of this sort and most probably much more than what we've come to expect from most space shooters.

Oh, and the gameplay does try to keep itself fresh by having you fly through cities, asteroid fields and all sorts of mechanics-changing environments, by battling bosses and even by providing with a retro-tastique Space Invaders mini level.