cipher prime splice.jpg

Binary trees have never been more fun than in Cipher Prime's Mac and Windows puzzler Splice, out June 14. Players have a god-like power, bestowing life by rearranging (splicing) black cells to mimic the genetic structure outlined in the background.

Of course, that's just the beginning of Splice's complexity. The free demo ends with the second of several mechanics: a cell that replicates its relationship to its parent and its descendants. The full version will offer 49 normal puzzles and an epilogue of more difficult craziness after beating the game.

Splice's demo only had one custom graphics setting. I think you will agree the setting is aptly named after your senses are stimulated by the color choices, user interfaces, animation of the cells, and puzzles themselves.

Splice's pre-purchase offers a 10% discount ($8.99) and nets a gorgeous, seven-track OST. For those who don't want to purchase on Steam, developer Will Stallwood confirmed the Cipher Prime store will sell Splice directly, DRM-free right after this week's release.

After Splice, the devs say the next six months to a year will be spent on Auditorium Duet, as they work to get the multiplayer and music generation aspects "just right."