i-love-indies.pngCongratulations are in order for all those indies who entered in, were nominated or chosen for, and won in various award and conferences announced this week! While we know our readers like to watch and play indie games, we wanted to take the time to tell everyone about some exciting upcoming events and give nods to those were or who will be featured.

In Sheffield, England, Games Britannia will hold the REPLAYED event July7-8. There, dozens of indie titles will be showcased, some for the very first time. In

A few days later, Develop's Indie Dev Day in Brighton, England will be on July 12. Ten indie titles were chosen for its Indie Showcase, but only one winner will emerge.

Consumers can be more proactive in voting across 22 categories for winners in the European Game Awards, which takes place August 14 in Cologne, Germany.

And finally, winners were revealed for the Games for Change with Coco & Co's Way taking Game of the Year, and the Swedish Game Awards, with Pixel Ferrets's Secrets of Grindea nabbing GOTY there.

The full lists, aside from the massive 22-category EGA nominees, are listed after the jump:

Games for Change:
Game of the Year: Way, Coco & Co
Most Significant Impact: Spent, McKinney, Urban Ministries of Durham
Most Innovative Game: Way, Coco & Co
Best Gameplay: Unmanned, Molleindustria and No Media Kings
Knight News Game: Unmanned, Molleindustria and No Media Kings

Swedish Game Awards:
Game Of the Year: Secrets of Grindea, Pixel Ferrets
Best Mobile Game: Forlorn, Rune Digital
Best Innovation: Blobbz Online, VD-Productions
Best Serious Game: Runners Grinders, BitLand Heroes
Gamers' Choice: Build 'n' Break, Winsome Studios

Games Britannia - Indie Zone
Gunpoint, Tom Francis
Redshirt, Mitu Khandaker
Chompy Chomp Chomp, Utopian World Of Sandwiches
Lone Survivor, Jasper Byrne
VVVVVV / Hexagon, Terry Kavanagh
Retro Racing / Qwak, Mr Qwak
Thomas Was Alone, Mike Bithall
Floating Cloud God Save The Pilgrims, Dakko Dakko
Girls Like Robots, Popcannibal
Majestic-12, Exis Interactive
Bastion, Super Giant Games
DLC Quest, Going Loud Studios
Fallen City, Big Robot
Resonance, Xii Games & Wadjet Eye Games
Various, Papa's Gong
Vessel, Strange Loop Games
Blast Off Billy, Rabid Badger Games
Bounceback, Steel Minions

Develop Indie Showcase finalists:
The Bridge, Ty Taylor, Mario Castaneda
Perspective, DigiPen
Q.U.B.E., Toxic Games
Great Big War Game, Rubicon Development
Zack Zero, Crocodile Entertainment
Captain Cat, Digital Tentacle
Voxeliens, Volumes Of Fun
The Missing Ink, RedBedlam
International Racing Squirrels, Playniac
Lume, State Of Play Games