Imagine earth.pngCasual simulation does sound like a rather obvious contradiction in terms, but indie developers Serious Brothers seem to have somehow made it happen. They have taken the classic (and seriously complicated) SimEarth formula, radically simplified it, thrown in a few ideas that have already appeared in Fate of the World and added some ethically and politically shakey theorems of their own.

Now, I will not go on and showcase their numerous scientific mistakes and gross over-simplifications, but you should really keep in mind the fact that this is not a scientifically and philosophically objective game.

You can find out more about Imagine Earth by playing its recently released demo on Steam. It's a sleek, easy to play and lovely to look at game, that's bound to entertain and -in the very least- provide with some ideas regarding Earth's problems. Oh, and don't let the cutesy graphics and streamlined interface fool you; Imagine Earth can be a most demanding beast.