The PlayStation Blog revealed two E3-playable indie titles heading to Sony's PS3 and Vita consoles: Drinkbox Studios' Guacamelee and Retro Affect's Snapshot. The above trailer shows off the aforementioned Mexican-themed co-op dimension-swapping Metroidvania beat-em-up platformer, which has a tentative early 2013 release through the PlayStation Pub Fund program.

DrinkBox is currently testing Mutant Blobs Attack!!! for Windows on Steam, so hopefully Guacamelee will follow. I've reached out to Graham Smith of DrinkBox for clarification. [Edit: Smith said the team is targeting mid-2013 for a PC/Steam release.]

Next up is Retro Affect's 2D puzzle platformer, Snapshot, which is finally coming home this fall. Players control the robot Pic, who carries a camera that can capture and replace objects and parts of the environment to solve physics-based puzzles. Interestingly, when the image is replaced, the momentum of any moving object is replaced, as well.

I spoke with Retro Affect's David Carrigg and confirmed Snapshot is still headed to PC, but he couldn't confirm how to price the game for both Sony systems. His team is considering a bundle price to pick up the game for both systems or a one-time purchase for both.