As is often the case with such things, some of the best games that I visited were not part of the Indiecade showcase. On the last day of the Electronic Entertainment Expo this year, I found myself stumbling over a pair of familiar faces and what looked to be a strange, button-riddled piece of hardware.

"Want to play Pop Pop Battle?" Seeing no reason not to, I sat down between a slender, bespectacled Chinese girl and a Son Goku lookalike. "So, it works like this: the person whose avatar is hit the least is the winner." The girl and I looked at each other in mutual consternation. Our prospects weren't looking too bright. "To begin, you first choose if you want the shoe, the pig, the mushroom or the little girl."


"Once the game begins, you're going to want to pound on those buttons and try to hit your opponents' avatars as much as possible. You're also going to have to try to protect your own avatar. You can accomplish this by swiping hands away, pushing people or, if you're willing to sacrifice a hit, pressing down on the button and holding it there. TO make it a little fairer, everyone's going to have to play with only one arm."

A tentative nod from the gathered participants.

"Ready?" No. "Go!"

What followed after could only be described as a game of combative 'Whack a Mole'. Our avatars shot out from holes in a boxing ring, holes keyed to the buttons on the large panel in front of us. Like the Copenhagen Collective's B.U.T.T.O.N, Pop Pop Battle evoked no small amount of laughter, tussling and, in one inspired turn of events, a bout of tickling. In the end, after the clock had ticked down to zero, the Dragonball cosplayer won. We sat down, battered but happy, hands red from effort.

One of the developers grinned. "Another round?"

Pop Pop Battle does not have a website just yet but those interested in keeping tabs on the game should check out their Twitter over here.