A sequel to 2010's platform puzzler Enough Plumbers is coming in the next couple of months to Flash-installed browsers. Glen Forrester tells IndieGames Enough Plumbers 2 will be "a bigger, prettier, expanded version of the first game. The original was made in under two weeks and wasn't really meant to be successful (instead it's had millions of plays. oops), so this one is intended to revisit the idea and do things properly."

Forrester says fans keep asking for a sequel, too. "And it was the first game of mine anyone's done fan-art for, so it's special. Doing a sequel isn't such an exciting prospect, but if the players are still asking for a sequel I guess it means it's a good candidate for building something people will play."

Enough Plumbers 2 has a new engine that can support much more than a dozen simultaneous plumbers, better graphics and animations, new music and levels, and three times as many power-ups. "This is cool because more powerups means more combinations of interactions, which is good because there's a level editor and sharing and rating system this time, so you'll be able to play player-made levels and build your own."

When asked about the charming, diorama-like backgrounds, Forrester admits "the look of the game was inspired by a paper theatre sort of thing. The original was presented as a 16-bit platformer on an old television (mainly to help cover up the terrible graphics) so this is meant to be something similar, in the same way that the Mario series has experimented with different visual metaphors... The parody hasn't changed much, so the visuals have evolved a bit instead."

Enough Plumbers 2 is currently looking for sponsorship, so Forrester estimates four to eight weeks before the game is playable. Those eager to know when the game releases can follow the developer's blog.