Pathea Games has released its first free alpha of Planet Explorers, which game director Zifei Wu describes to IndieGames as "Minecraft meets LittleBigPlanet meets Skyrim meets Monster Hunter...with a little tower defense added on."

Despite these major influences, Wu says the team is trying to create something new, an adventure filled with rich content generation and player control over practically everything. "For example, if there's a mission to go save someone from an enemy camp across a river, you will be able to build a bridge to cross it, or make a boat, or make rocket boots, or dig under the river, or make a giant robot (yes, this is actually our end goal)."

Wu describes a philosophical approach the team is taking to show how humans can affect a world, since Planet Explorers aims to simulate a colonization initiative. "We'll try to make it so that if a player cuts down all the trees and doesn't plant any... there won't be any more trees, maybe even the weather will be affected, but it's only talk at the moment."

In the game, players can ignore the story missions if they choose to and just play around in separate multiplayer and single player maps, and possibly random ones, too.

The alpha updates should come every 1-2 weeks from now on. Pathea Games wants to hit beta in September or October, but Wu feels they won't complete the game's story until next year. At beta, Planet Explorers will become a paid game (probably $15).

[Planet Explorers Free Alpha on Windows]