GamersGate's second IndieFort Bundle is now available, offering a collection of six Windows/Mac games for a minimum purchase price of $5.99.

Featured games include Phr00t's Software's first-person RPG 3079, Nemesys Games' "reverse turret defense game" Fortix 2, Citérémis' Aztec-themed action-RPG Aztaka (Windows only), Psydra Games' turn-based adventure title Dark Scavenger, Decklin's Domain's legacy-style RPG DEMISE: Ascension (Windows only), and Vap Games' platformer Intrusion 2 (Windows only).

Buyers also get access to a collection of bonus content, including downloadable music and art from Dark Scavenger and DEMISE: Ascension.

While GamersGate has set a minimum price of $5.99, it also offers buyers the option to increase the purchase price in order to contribute cash directly to the bundle's featured developers.

[Thanks, k perry!]