Meticulous designer Smudged Cat Games released today puzzle platformer The Adventures of Shuggy on Windows DRM-free for $10 (via the Humble Store) and at an introductory sale price of $7.99 on Steam. Those who buy directly can email Smudged Cat for a Steam code.

Shuggy successfully incorporates several platforming mechanics that keep its 100 stages feeling fresh. Players have to avoid their past selves when solving temporal puzzles. Players can rotate stages (or parts of them), use copies of themselves, traverse with different gravity pulls, teleport pass tricky areas, and bungee jump with rope to get all the gems. Shuggy even has a handful of challenging boss encounters, something I haven't seen platformers tackle often.

Still scratching your brain with Smudged Cats' Gateways demo? The Adventures of Shuggy's mechanics are a bit easier to digest. I found them particularly scrumptious, unlocking every level in the XBLA release. My casual gaming spouse even played the 36 local co-op stages with me.

Those who have played the XBLA version should note that there are some changes. Developer David Johnston shares, "I've removed the online head-to-head mode and challenge modes from the game due to the complications of porting them combined with my feeling that they were the weakest parts of the game. However, I'm hoping to bring a free update to the game at some point with a new set of levels under the banner 'Teleporting troubles' where Shuggy has two teleporters that he can use.

Shuggy goods.jpg

Starting today, Smudged Cat is also giving one winner all of the above plus a Steam code for the game each day for a week. Four others will also receive a Steam code for the game. For a chance to win, follow Smudged Cat Games on Twitter or like them on Facebook and retweet or share this daily message: "Adventures of Shuggy now available on Steam. RT for a chance to win Shuggy goodies." Just be sure to take those winning canvas bags to the supermarket.