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Chris Hecker's hotly anticipated tactical espionage SpyParty has over 14,000 players waiting to join, as revealed in an invitation to EVO 2012 (fighting game tournament) attendees. This is the first year the tourney will showcase indie game titles, and SpyParty was the first announced.

Hecker told EVO officials he was was both nervous and "unbelievably excited to get such an intensely competitive community" upon realizing fighting game fans are an ideal fit. They are generally good at "breaking down systems" and "like games that involve psychology, competition, or are just insanely difficult," he observed.

SpyParty is still in a closed paid beta. Players awarded a random invite still have to pay the normal $15 (which includes final build access), "but will skip the 14,000 long line to get into the beta and start playing immediately."

Adding this 14,000 to the 999+ users already registered shows that SpyParty has reached over 15,000 signups for the beta.

Given the long wait line may detract some, one can only speculate how many more will succumb to the double life of a spy/sniper once players can instantaneously play and more still when the game reaches its final state. The metrics I'm particularly interested in: which fighting game breeds the SpyParty players and how many indie game fans are attending EVO?

Most hardcore fighting fans love studying technique, so this Beta tutorial video is a great start!