thomas was alone.pngMike Bithell designed and coded it, Danny Wallace handled the narration, David Housden composed the music and now Thomas Was Alone has been launched and everyone will finally discover what an utterly wonderful game this small team created. I really don't want to sound overly enthusiastic, but I just can't help it. Thomas Was Alone has earned its place among such classic platformers as Manic Miner and VVVVVV. Yes, it's this good.

What's more, it's a game about friendship and jumping and puzzles that comes complete with 100 levels and an eclectic selection of playable characters. A visually simple yet downright beautiful and endearing game starring Thomas (a rectangle with more personality than a dozen ultra-detailed FPS stars) and an assortment of equally stylized and geometrically simple friends each with a unique set of abilities, that allow for some brilliantly varied level design.

Oh, and don't get me started on the quality of the script or the narration. Thomas Was Alone is the Portal 2 of the indie world and you wont be able to put the thing down before you get the whole plot delivered to you.

Thomas Was Alone is available for both PC and Mac and, as you may have already gathered, comes highly recommended!