Fren-ze and Oogiblocks developer Hermitgames is ready to procedurally bend and twist your Snake skills in the upcoming Windows and XBLIG title qrth-phyl. According to its official blog, qrth-phyl is a snake-like with a hint of intrigue where you "[c]ollect, grow, avoid your past, find new space, wake up..."

After spotting this dramatic, cubic trailer in a Tweet from @retroremakes, I asked developer Matt James to shed some more details.

James tells me qrth-phyl is a "kind of snake game" that "plays in 3D with full analogue 360 degree movement rather than being axis locked." Some of the stages play on the outside of 3D objects.

"It's all algorithmic and generative graphics and gameplay, different every time you play, more challenging as you get better. The generation is also a bit self modifying so it learns and changes over time, everybodys game will develop differently depending on how you interact with it."

James says the audio was created on an old modified ZX spectrum (AY-3-8912 chip) "with a load of effects on." The game also contains a documentary about snake games in general and Blockade, the first of this game type.

XBLIG playtesting should begin this week, and then he will port for the PC version. He anticipates PC an XBLIG versions should be available "in a few weeks hopefully." He wasn't ready to discuss price.