A large team of students from the University of Southern California is preparing to launch Blink, a stealth-action title in which gameplay revolves around a powerful teleportation mechanic.

The protagonist's short-distance teleportation abilities are demonstrated in the trailer above and throughout this gameplay video. While the mechanic is useful in combat situations, it's also necessary to traverse the game's many platforming sequences. Judging from the footage released so far, the gameplay seems to have a satisfying flow to it, and the teleportation skills look like a lot of fun to pull off.

"The game was developed in the Advanced Game Project course at the University of Southern California over 8 months with a budget of $0, and the goal of redefining what a 'student game' can be," Blink's developers note.

"Although the design and engineering teams are comprised of students from both the Computer Science (Games) and Interactive Media departments at USC, the rest of the team comes from all over greater Los Angeles, including artists from three different schools."

A release date has not been announced.

[via Kotaku]