We editors want an indie-character, star-studded version of Wreck-It Ralph to happen. Further, we think it could happen more easily than Disney's film, which must have involved so many suits to get the dozens of AAA IPs to appear on the same screen.

Indie characters seem to make cameo appearances at a much higher ratio than their AAA counterpart, so this daydream could come true. Each editor weighed in on what ten iconic characters should be included:

Gnome's picks:
- Rosangela Blackwell from the Blackwell series
- Captain Viridian from VVVVVV
- Daniel from Amnesia
- Screech from The Fabulous Screech
- Meat Boy from, well, Super Meat Boy
- Naija from Aquaria
- Tim from Braid
- Azriel Odin from Gemini Rue
- The Kid from Bastion

Danny Cowan's essential 10:
- Quote from Cave Story
- Slinky from CarneyVale Showtime
- Sara from Breath of Death VII
- Cyrus from Wizorb
- LaserCat
- Johnny Platform from Johnny Platform's Biscuit Romp.
- Hero from DLC Quest
- A Creeper from Minecraft
- Commander Video from Bit.Trip
- Alien Hominid from Alien Hominid

John's Nods:
- Dr. Fetus, Super Meat Boy (we need more iconic villains)
- Bandage Girl, Super Meat Boy
- GIRP man
- QWOP man
- Josef from Machinarium
- a W.I.P. of Turner from Overgrowth
- goo balls from World of Goo
- nameless boy from LIMBO
- Gish from Gish
- nameless man from Canabalt

I nominate indie trailer guru Kert Gartner to helm this movie (or short flim). [Edit: Kert has expressed interest in doing so in the comments below!] However, with so many indie characters from such different art styles, I don't know what studio should be in charge of the art direction. I figure you guys could discuss that (and the countless iOS and PC characters we've neglected).

The plot, also up for discussion: a dramedy dealing with the characters losing their jobs and proceeds from bundle deals to megacorp Pynga's "pennies on the dollar" cloned versions.