Dark Computer Entertainment has told Indie Games of plans to release the 80s, arcade style Vektropolis on December 21, 2012 for Windows. The team has provided this new teaser above which shows that Vektor Grafix's co-founder Daniel Gallagher's skills and design can still charm decades later, with sexy vector, or (self-penned) sextor, graphics.

Vektropolis is all about arcade play, rescuing humans and preserving resources for bonuses at the end of each level. Baddies can fly, walk, or swim in an attempt to hinder this process. Developer Frank Travaini tells that additional dynamics for rainfall and flooding come in the later levels to add an extra level of complexity to the objectives. Stages will play out on smaller grids or on an infinite city, which Travaini says "creates a seamless city stretching to the horizon and wrapping perfectly."

Sektor photos and multiplatform release information is after the jump.

vektropolis july.pngvektropolis july 2.pngvektropolis july 3.png

While Windows will receive Vektropolis on or around December 21, 2012, Travaini says a January 2013 Mac port is more than likely as it will only take a couple of weeks. "After that we are exploring PS3, maybe PSP2 [Vita], Android and iPhone which should all be done by some time in the second quarter."