Every week I find indie treasures from #ScreenshotSaturday, a hastag used on Twitter that is then collected and stored on a website. The site often gets close to a hundred photos per weekend. I'll attempt each week to unearth some gems and exciting news in this fun, new feature.

For starters, the above photo is from QWOP and GIRP developer Bennett Foddy, who confirmed he is working on a new game. He can't say more, yet, though. Frowny face.

Rat King Entertainment is having "fun with Kamis" in their new TRI, a first-person 3D game with environmental puzzles. Players "create triangles to build platforms, overcome obstacles, walk on walls, reflect light rays and lasers." Man, it's pretty:


TRI has a pre-alpha scheduled to launch July 4.

CSR Studios tweeted a Dead Pixels II HUD image. Checking CSR's website confirms that the XBLIG to PC zombie action RPG is getting a sequel:

dead pixels II.png

Jaroslav Meloun ‏says he and Petr Augustin are finishing up an adventure game based on Slavic mythology. To Kill a Mockingbird is the working title:


First person Puzzle/Parkour-platformer (FpPPp, as developer Taugeshtu writes it) MindSpace dazzled me with its midair dangling worlds and color choices. Could this be an extreme acid trip of Mirror's Edge?


MindSpace is in playtest right now.

Finally, Magnesium Ninja's survival horror title Ascension looks literally darker than Home and Lone Survivor and will hopefully be even scarier. Ascension has an old beta available to tinker around with.


That's it for this week's The Day After #ScreenshotSaturday. In addition to feedback about this new weekly feature, let us know which games you'd like to see more of, and we'll track them for you! I am aware that Reddit also has a thread and will make use of it, but I encourage devs to tweet their photos with the hashtag so everyone can easily scroll through their photos on the #ScreenshotSaturday site.