miniflake.pngMiniFlake has been something I've been keeping an eye on for quite some time now and I'm finally more than happy to let you know it's gotten itself a free demo; a great free demo to be precise and a demo you can grab via Desura. Just keep in mind that unlike the full version that will soon be released for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, said demo will only run under Windows and does not feature any sound. Think you can live with that?

Excellent then, for MiniFlake seems like a retro-inspired project that has evolved from concept to something playable in a most elegant way and is thus shaping up to become a lovely old-fashioned RPG which plays like a top-down version of Dungeon Master with a touch of Diablo. As for its stand-out feature, those awesome black-and-white graphics with that CRT screen effect, well, they are all I could ask for. And are indeed awesome.