Fish Out of Water.jpgThe minds behind Perspective, The Fourth Wall, The Bridge, Nitronic Rush, and more participated in a 48-hour game jam, creating 11 games under the themes of "Change of Plans" and "Psychedelic Stick of Magic."

I found the Windows freeware title Fish out of Water (a "flapformer," I'll call it) refreshing in aesthetics and design, to be restricted to merely flopping around at first, as one would expect. The fish gained a power-up to free it from this restriction and to help gather the three keys that led to an unexpected ending.

The browser-based Hindsight felt like a thrilling driver, shooter, and possibly some other things that I can't live long enough to experience. Its minimal graphics deceive how deep the game is. I imagined I was a tiny car leaving behind trails that I could not collide into upon my next "lap." When the screen became too cluttered, I gained a shot ability to clear some of the debris, but the speed increase became overwhelming. The music came to life the more laps I survived, too.

Those were my two favorites so far. Why not try their 11 games and see what you like?