Multiplayer, first-person shooter Intruder for Windows and Mac from Superboss Games has enhanced its tactical gameplay, demoing security and mirror cameras, laser sensors, and doors.

Since opponent detection is an important skill in Intruder, having different camera angles and motion lasers are essential. The above-demoed level has a room with 3 different security cameras that show the exact location of enemies.

While players can disable the laser sensors before tripping them, I don't know if players can disable or destroy the security cameras. At least, using the security camera room sounds more conspicuous than taking out the cameras.

The developer advises players to use remote charges with the mirror cam or sensors. Players can either watch around the corner with a mirror to time a detonation or use a motion sensor to know when to hit the button.

Opening doors plays an intricate part in stealth tactics, too. Scrolling up on the mouse will push and down will pull, and the rate of scrolling determines how fast the door will open.

All in all, the tactics behind Intruder seem to be shaping up quite well. Even more impressive to me is how different Intruder is compared to Studioboss' first game, frantic platformer Project Stormos.