Iji and Hyper Princess Pitch developer Daniel Remar released the touching Bromancing Saga 2, a two player game made in two days at No More Sweden. The controls for its three mini-games require a Fingle-like criss-cross of players' hands on the keyboard, where the left player should use A and G and the right player should use D and J.

In the first game, the players must communicate in real life to time a simultaneous fist bump. In the second game, the left player shoots and aims at the enemies, and the right player chooses between increasing the left's firepower or distracting him. The bromance builds to a climax in the last game, where the players must tap their pat button quickly and avoid pressing the rub button, paying attention to when their buttons switch.

Remar shares that Bromancing Saga 2 is a parody of co-op shooters with burly men and macho culture. "The controls are meant to reveal if the players find close contact awkward in real life, as the awkwardness of the game itself steadily increases."