So, what can you do if you are out of classic games to remake? Why, you simply remake new games for 8-bit machines and port them over to modern PCs of course, and that is exactly what Locomalito with the help of RGCD, Gryzor87 and Marek Barej just did. They took David Hughes' brilliant Endless Forms Most Beautiful for the ZX Spectrum and turned it into a lush freeware offering for Windows machines, while retaining the core arcade gameplay and adding more than a few options, new graphics & sounds and a ton of extras.

The game, besides looking wonderful and decidedly retro, is a frantic platformer with light-puzzle elements that both feels and looks like something you would be playing in the arcades during the mid-80s. Appropriately it provides with two two-player modes that can be enjoyed on one computer and, hysterically, one keyboard.

You can grab Endless Forms Most Beautiful complete with manual, soundtrack, DVD inserts, artwork and the original ZX Spectrum version via both RGCD and Locomalito's website.