greenrunner.pngSeems like RGCD and Psytronik won't stop supporting the venerable Commodore 64 and that 8-bit indie gaming will never die. Homebrew arcade gems Greenrunner and Redrunner, you see, have just been upgraded to run on both PAL and NTSC machines and have even been crammed into a lavishly packaged 64kb cartridge you can enjoy on any C64 or C128 and even on the ill-fated C64 GS console. Retroskoi Plus, a 2-oscillator monophonic synth, has also been included in said cartridge.

You can buy the cartridge via the RGCD shop or download the games for free from this place. Sountracks and ready-to-run versions of the games bundled with the Windows version of the VICE emulator are also available.