cookservedelicious.pngHardcore restaurant sim management, you say? From the developer of The Oil Blue, I'd expect no less. In Vertigo Gaming's upcoming commercial sequel to Ore no Ryomi 2, players must return the Cook, Serve, Delicious restaurant to its five-star status by keeping the menu items interesting, toilets cleaned, and the buzz high, in addition to preparing food.

Players start with a run-down restaurant and a wad of cash to purchase food items and kitchen equipment. Several food items go stale after two days, so carefully selecting perennial, "staple" foods is key. Serving people properly yields profits for more purchases.

The restaurant is open for over twelve hours, allowing players to warm-up before two meal rush hours. During the down-time, players can learn typing shortcuts for ingredients and items. While Cook, Serve, Delicious allows for mouse or keyboard play, the frantic rushes seemed impossible to perfect without memorizing the key shortcuts.

cook serve trash.pngThroughout the day, players must also plant rat traps, wash dishes, take out the trash and flush toilets while serving meals. Players have more time to attend to these tasks than orders, but messing up or ignoring either lowers buzz (which decreases the frequency of patronage). The one thing I noticed missing in between both task types is a hygienic, hand-washing step. Hygiene is hardcore, too, you know!

The new purchase prices and the amount of money earned daily were somewhat disproportionate, but developer David Galindo said it should be balanced by the full release. I hope the game gets female voices, too, as I know the sound of enjoying deliciousness is not just masculine.

Those interested can access the 5-stage beta via Vertigo Gaming's forums. Be warned, the demo will end quickly and you'll be left wanting more, using those shortcuts and filling up beers with just enough froth. The beta program ends August 5, and the full game releases at the end of August to Windows and Mac users for $8.95, with distribution sites to be determined.