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Archive For July, 2012

Browser Game Pick: Lee Lee's Quest 2 (Marcus Richert)

July 10, 2012 3:00 PM | John Polson

Thumbnail image for lee lee's quest 2.png

Marcus Richert's Lee Lee's Quest 2 is as charming a platformer as it is colorfully gorgeous. Players tackle eight more worlds with a healthy dose of subversion (not rage-inducing like I Wanna Be The Guy). The talented Joshua Tomar returns to deliver the snappy dialogue.

Lee Lee's Quest 2 has even more secret areas (did the first even have any?), with some rather challenging platforming that I often couldn't redo easily. Falling and backtracking prevented me from exploring these hidden areas thoroughly.

I also found it was best to stand still when new dialogues started. If I killed someone prematurely or fell to another screen, the speech actually stopped and wouldn't start again. The main character's speech would also cut off the previous speech, too. Final pro-tip: though the game pokes fun at collecting items, the end of the game tallies up the fruit and shovels collected and the enemies stomped. I have no idea what 100% earns... probably more sarcasm. Enjoy your time with Lee Lee's Quest 2.

Indiegogo: Resurrect ADOM Development

July 10, 2012 2:00 PM | John Polson

Thomas Biskup's roguelike Ancient Domains of Mystery wants a face lift and then some through an Indiegogo project. ADOM was in development from 1994 until November 2002, and although polished, Biskup reports bugs, loopholes and other problems still exist. The UI needs touching up too, along with stable releases for operating systems released beyond 2002. Stretch goals will even include mobile builds.

ADOM isn't just playing catch up, either. Among the updates listed, ADOM will receive a series of magical statues distributed across the dungeons, a roster of new named random boss monsters with special powers, and more elaborate interaction for many things that are currently only handled superficially.

The ADOM Indiegogo project has met $18,000 of its all-or-nothing $48,000 goal so far. Biskup will use these funds to pay three new team members: Jochen Terstiege as co-developer, Krzysztof Dycha as the lead artist, and Oneiros Dieguez as lead composer. ADOM will remain free, even in future builds.

[Thanks, Pascal H.]

Browser Game Pick: Sun God (Bennett Foddy)

July 10, 2012 12:00 PM | Danny Cowan


QWOP and GIRP developer Bennett Foddy -- in collaboration with Intel, Pitchfork, and Kill Screen -- has launched Sun God, a browser-based cooperative visualizer featuring music by Cut Copy.

As you might expect, Sun God's controls are unconventional -- the mechanics are somewhat similar to the forgotten Sonic the Hedgehog semi-sequel Knuckles Chaotix. It's easier to grasp than many of Foddy's previous titles, though, and while playing for score is an option, it's not the game's focus.

"It's not hard or mean like most of my games," Foddy explains, "and it's not really focused on getting points or being at the top of your game. This one's more about experiencing the song."

Mobile Game Pick: Super Ox Wars (Llamasoft)

July 10, 2012 10:00 AM | Danny Cowan

Llamasoft's Jeff Minter has launched Super Ox Wars, an iOS tribute to Tecmo's classic arcade shoot-'em-up Star Force.

Though Super Ox Wars resembles an early-'80s shooter in terms of presentation, its gameplay is surprisingly complex. The game features a polarity system that awards the player bonuses and power-ups throughout each level, depending on how many items of a particular color are collected.

A full explanation of Super Ox Wars' nuanced gameplay (including its origins in Amazonian tribal folklore!) can be found here, if you're interested. If that all sounds a bit too complicated, Minter advises: "stick with one colour for a while, and score/firepower/protection blessings will accrue to you."

Super Ox Wars is priced at $1.99.

Indie Tools: AMOS for Windows

July 10, 2012 7:30 AM | Konstantinos Dimopoulos / Gnome

amos_PC.pngAMOS, the Amiga-only successor to the venerable STOS, was one of the few easy to use tools available to Amiga users that allowed for the creation and distribution of proper games. AMOS was essentially a BASIC-like programming language accompanied by certain handy utilities that allowed you to create the graphics, sounds and core of almost any game you could think of. Provided it wasn't over-ambitious and didn't push the Amiga too hard, that is.

Happily, a group of kind individuals has legally repackaged AMOS (the vastly superior and feature-laden AMOS Professional to be precise) and made it available for free for Windows PC users who wish to code for the Amiga. You can download the AMOS Professional installer and all the necessary documentation right here. It comes complete with a built-in emulator.

Just keep in mind that you will actually have to program and read quite a bit in order to get something decent up and running. Then again, BASIC is probably the easiest programming language one can master and AMOS will let you create all sorts of games and provide you with a versatile set of special instructions. Sadly, the more powerful Amiga 1200 and its AGA chip are not supported.

Browser Game Pick: Pontefract (Kitty Horrorshow)

July 10, 2012 5:00 AM | Konstantinos Dimopoulos / Gnome

pontefract.pngIf you prefer your horror stories gory, medieval, disturbing and text-only you definitely have to give Pontefract a try. It's a well written choose-your-own-adventure styled interactive short story and, well, it really works. It's not very long either.

Oh, and did you know that King Richard II was murdered in the Pontefract castle?

Dyad Priced, Headed to PSN July 17

July 10, 2012 2:00 AM | John Polson

Shawn McGrath's Dyad is coming to the PlayStation Network on July 17 for $14.99 with a 20% discount for PlayStation Plus members. David Kanaga (composer for Proteus) lends his talents for Dyad's soundtrack.

Dyad looks somewhat like a tube racer, but it's more about blazing, shooting, hooking, and matching colors... some of the time. Players will also need to graze near enemies and build up the ability to lance streams of enemies for maximum scoring.

Dyad's touting 79 levels so far: 27 campaign stages, 26 tactical freakout Trophy levels, and 26 remix levels. Once McGrath's Twitter account reaches 1337 followers, codes will drop to those who are following him or have retweeted this message.

Kickstarter Projects: Super Techno Kitten Adventure (21st Street Games)

July 9, 2012 11:00 PM | Danny Cowan

21st Street Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign in hopes of funding an upgraded PC version of its surreal iOS and Xbox Live Indie Games hit Techno Kitten Adventure.

Techno Kitten Adventure is an endless side-scrolling action game starring a cast of jetpack-equipped kittens. Honestly, the presentation is what really sells it -- you can get a good idea of how it plays by watching this extensive gameplay sample.

The Windows and Mac edition features an all-new soundtrack spanning a variety of music styles, and includes a multiplayer mode and a "create-a-kitteh" feature that boasts over 27,000 outfit combinations.

21st Street Games has set a goal of $100,000 for the project. Backers who pledge $15 or more will get a copy of Super Techno Kitten Adventure upon its release. Other rewards include t-shirts ($60), art books ($250), and rainbow-colored vinyl record soundtracks ($500).

Play a Profit-Minded Suit in Upcoming Suit Story

July 9, 2012 6:00 PM | Cassandra Khaw

suitstory2.png Suit Story needs to come out now. Not tomorrow, not in a month's time. Now. Why? Because there are only so many Kairosoft games I can take and there's always room for more well-constructed management games. Suit Story is basically centered around the life of a university student who has fallen under unusual circumstances. Offered an ultimatum and a princely sum upfront, he has 10 years to make it big as a Business Acquisition Work Specialist.

According to the developer, Suit Story will be, at heart, a management game, but it will also have both point & click -driven narrative and exploration elements. No release date has been issued just yet. However, if everything goes well, it may make an appearance on mobile/desktop sometime later this year.

Those interested in keeping tabs on the game should bookmark the official site here.

Steam Greenlight: Power to the People in August

July 9, 2012 4:30 PM | John Polson

greenlight soon.jpg

Valve has revealed its upcoming effort, Greenlight, that will allow the Steam community to help pick what future games end up on the Steam service, beginning August 30. The company blogs, "The community should be deciding what gets released. After all, it's the community that will ultimately be the ones deciding which release they spend their money on."

Valve states that the number of votes needed to get selected will change, especially as they gauge community reaction over the first few weeks when Greenlight goes live.

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